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Securing your Dropbox account

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Securing your Dropbox account

Securing your Dropbox account

Hey everyone, Sanchez here with a tip about securing your Dropbox account! 
One of the most common questions I field from newcomers is about how safe their files are when placed in their Dropbox. Believe it or not folks, a very basic, but crucial aspect of securing your account is your password
You need to make sure that you choose a strong password for both your Dropbox account and your email account, and you need to make sure that you keep them safe. Let’s take a closer look…
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Re: Securing your Dropbox account

Creating your Password
So, what makes a good, strong password? Well, you don’t want it to be something simple that someone else might be able to guess, but you also don’t want it to be so complex that you can’t remember it yourself! Here’s some suggestions to consider when creating a new password: 
  • pick a word or phrase that you are familiar with
    • sancheziscool
  • combine upper and lower case letters
    • SancheziscooL   
  • change up the spelling a bit 
    • SanchezizcooL   
  • add some symbols 
    • #$anchezizcooL#   
      • (oh man, I just gave you guys my password… don’t tell anyone winking face)
You can also use our password strength estimator on our registration page (you’ll need to log out of your account first). Just start typing a password, and keep an eye on the strength indicator as it moves up from one dot to four. 



You can click on these dots for more info. If you’re logged in to your account, you’ll need to log out in order for this page to load, or you can open it in a new incognito or private window. 

  • You can open an incognito or private window like this: 
    • Launch a browser, and then…
      • Chrome: at the top right, click More (3 vertical dots), then select New Incognito Window
      • Firefox: click on the hamburger icon at the top right, then select New Private Window
      • Safari: click on File, then New Private Window 
We recommend that you never use the same password for different services. That way, if your password is ever compromised, you minimize the damage that can be done. 
I mentioned choosing a strong password for your email account too. This is to prevent any crafty buggers from changing your password on your Dropbox account. If you ever forget your password, but you know your log in (your email address), we will send you a password-reset email. If someone else has access to your email account, they can potentially reset your Dropbox password, locking you out of your account, and gaining access to all your files face with open mouth

I hope this post is helpful! Please feel free to reply here with any questions or suggestions on how to build strong passwords. 

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