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How to stop dropox from changing explorer icons

DropBox keeps overwritting registry settings so its icons are displayed in Windows Explorer.  How do I stop this?


DropBox and TortoiseSVN both put custom icon references in the registry in:




Windows 10 Explorer only uses the first 10-15 icons.  The rest are ignored.  I use TortoiseSVN daily for source code control.  I use DropBox occasionally for a non-professional group.  I can manually change the DropBox icon references (e.g. DropboxExt01, 02, 03, ...) so they are ignored.  Everytime DropBox does a software update though (it seems to do this on its own) it overrides my registry changes.  To fix this, I use regedit to rename or delete the DropBox entries and reboot, but it seems that within a week, things are broken again forTortoiseSVN, and DropBow icons are back.

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Re: How to stop dropox from changing explorer icons

I do not believe there is a way to I'm afraid.


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