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Installation error 2 on win 7

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Re: Error 2 when installing dropbox

Using windows 7, tried deleting old dropbox files like some of you have mentioned. Problem still persists. Very irritating as I was also considering subscribing for their service. Forget it!
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Re: Error 2 when installing dropbox

It seems like they have "fixed" DropBox beyong repair...

None of the ideas here can make it work in my computer...

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Re: Error 2 when installing dropbox

Hey Artos,
I followed Rizaldo I. advice on changing the folder name and worked out for me after multiple attempts trying other things. Hope it works for you.
1) Remove (Uncheck) Dropbox Auto Start during Windows Start in Dropbox Preference =>
2) Exit Dropbox then Restart PC =>
3) Freaking rename the Old "Client" folder to "Client_14.4.19" (the version I was using) =>
4) Rename the latest updated folder which is Client_14.4.19 to "Client" in my case ===>
5) Rechecked Start Dropbox at Windows Startup
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Re: Error 2 when installing dropbox

Its a new installation, there is nothing to "uncheck" or "exit" or "rename"... it just doesn't install and I have done everything they said it could work here...

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Re: Error 2 when installing dropbox

Sorry forgot to mention that I had installed a older version of dropbox 3.14.4 and renamed those client files.

Here's the link to it:
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Re: Error 2 when installing dropbox

Well, installing the version in your link also produces "Error 2"...
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Error 2 when installing

I had this problem when updating on a PC with Windows 10. Using the offline installer did not help. Using an earlier version of DropBox, it installed, but then indicated I needed to update to continue. Finally I completely uninstalled the program using CCleaner (great program, BTW). I then cleaned the registry, ran the cleaner, and restarted the computer. At this point I went to, signed in, and hit the "install" link. Everything went smoothly from there and the latest Dropbox is installed and syncing fine. Hope this helps someone.


Re: Error 2 when installing

Great update, thanks so much for sharing! slightly smiling face


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Re: installation error 2 - win 7

Error 2 in an ambiguous Windows error message. I would suggest downloading the latest stable release (use the offline installer) and see if that corrects the issue. If not, contact Support for further assistance.


Open your ticket here:
Track your ticket here:

Replies take approximately 1 - 3 business days with Plus users getting priority (longer for Basic users).


Re: installation error 2 - win 7

Hey problemdadu


Thanks for reaching out for help on Community!


The issue you're experiencing may be related to an incomplete file created in the Program Files folder path location, or to a problem with the PATH environment variable.


We need to verify that the files installed in the following folder paths are OK:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Dropbox
C:\Program Files\Dropbox - (if you don't see the '(x86)')


Normally you should see a folder named, "Client" within this folder path. If you see that, instead of a folder, there appears to be a 0 byte file named "Client" I'd like to ask you to delete it, and then attempt to install the application once again.


If doing so does not resolve the issue outright, or if you find a proper folder instead of the 0 byte file, then you may be able to fix the issue by setting up your PATH environment variable or reverting it back to the default one.


It seems that, most of the times, the PATH environment variable should contain the following:



If you would like, you can try this step and then try installing.


Finally, if none of the above fixed the issue, at this point we'd like to clear any Dropbox application files remaining (deleting any of these folders will not delete the files in your Dropbox folder) and then try installing one last time.


Mind ensuring that there is no record of a Dropbox folder within any of the following locations:



You can copy and paste each one of them into the address field of Windows explorer (not Internet explorer) and then press enter. If you find a Dropbox folder there, please delete it.


Then restart your system and give the installation process one last try, here's a link to the latest stable version:

Please let me know if any of the troubleshooting steps stated above helped resolves the issue you're seeing during installation.

If these troubleshooting steps didn't fix the problem, I'd like for you to please log a ticket with Dropbox support the installer's log files. They are in one of these two folders:



You can copy and paste that folder name into Windows Explorer.


Don't worry if you don't find the folder in one of the above locations. This is normal.


Thanks in advance for your cooperation! If you submit a ticket, pelase let me know a ticket ID in your reply, so that I follow-up on that. 


Kind regards, 


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