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Mac OS 10.9 end of support

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Concerning this 10.9 end of support, I am planning to update my Mac OS though I would prefer not to. Any advice as to what Mac OS would best suit my needs, especially as I have read there are problems between Mojave and Dropbox ?

I work on a Mac Mini late-2012 with OS 10.9.5, so I have a range of choices from OS 10.10 to 10.14 My needs are quite basic : Word, Internet mainly... but it's important for me to be able to work on my .doc documents through Dropbox desktop app. I feel there is no need to switch to Mojave, cos I only want a clean and stable (and possibly not too slow, though it already is) computer.

Thanks for any advice

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Re: Mac OS 10.9 end of support


Hey there @Ben1307 - how are you today?

As you know, starting on 9th of April  2019, the Dropbox desktop application will no longer work on any device running Mac OS X 10.9 or older.

Please note that your data in Dropbox is safe, but you will not be able to access it through the Dropbox desktop application unless you update to a supported operating system.

 If your computer is running an unsupported operating system you can find instructions on how to update your operating system on the manufacturer’s websites: 

You can find the list of operating systems that Dropbox supports in the following Help Center article:

As per what version you're going to be using after you update your OS, I'm afraid I won't be able to help as this is up to you essentially and would be dependent on your personal needs. 

In regards to Mojave and Dropbox now, could you tell me which problems exactly are you referring to so I can send you the most appropriate information in my next response? 


Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Re: Mac OS 10.9 end of support

Level 2

Thanks Walter for your answer. I will continue to search info on which Mac OS X would suit my needs best, not only for Dropbox. If anyone here has some tips, welcome !

Concerning the problems with Mojave, nothing in particular, but I have come across some posts on this forum, mentioning difficulties (crashing, slowness...)

I think I might go the safe way and opt for an earlier OS.

Thank you

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Mac OS 10.9 end of support
2 Replies
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