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Multiple Mac User Accounts » one Dropbox Folder

Level 4

I have two (admin) user accounts set up on my mac (High Sierra 10.14.2) and i'd like to share the dropbox folder amongst them (as it obviously doesn't make sense to have duplicate files on my HD).


When placing Dropbox in the shared folder and setting up permissions correctly, i am having weird issues – the Dropbox folder in this location seems to switch back and forth in its accessibility (little red 🚫-icon appears and disappears repeatedly) 


any help? after having major issues with dropbox and high sierra in general – please don't tell me this is not possible! \o/ 




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Re: Multiple Mac User Accounts » one Dropbox Folder

Super User II

It's possible, but you're on your own to get it working as it is not a supported configuration.


The basics of it would be to install Dropbox under the first user and specifiy a common location for the Dropbox folder (a location that both user accounts have full rights to). Wait for Dropbox to finish syncing. Switch to the other user and install Dropbox under that user, specifying the same location for the Dropbox folder. Dropbox will index your files. Do not interrupt this process.


It is absolutely imperative that you DO NOT USE Selective Sync on either user while running in such a configuration. If you do, the files will be removed from your local drive by the first account, and then deleted from your Dropbox by the second account.


Also, if you get a message during the second installation that there's already a Dropbox folder in that location, temporarily rename the exiting Dropbox to Dropbox_OLD or something, finish the installation on the second account and immediately pause syncing or exit Dropbox. Remove/rename the Dropbox folder that it created (the new empty one) and rename the Dropbox_OLD folder back to Dropbox. Relaunch Dropbox or resume syncing and wait for it to index your files.


Re: Multiple Mac User Accounts » one Dropbox Folder

Hey @benniii

I just want to add a bit to what @Rich mentioned about being on your own if you take this route. As this configuration isn’t officially supported, our team will not be able to troubleshoot and assist if issues arise. Just something to keep in mind. 

Moderator @ Dropbox

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Re: Multiple Mac User Accounts » one Dropbox Folder

Level 2

Hi @Sanchez,


Is there a supported method for having one local copy of dropbox files that can be used by multiple OSX user accounts?


Re: Multiple Mac User Accounts » one Dropbox Folder

Super User II
No, there isn't. Officially, it's one Dropbox folder per user account. Dropbox was not intended to be used any other way.
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Multiple Mac User Accounts » one Dropbox Folder
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