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Support for Fedora 27

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Support for Fedora 27

Hi, ( ;


your DNF repository doesn't support Fedora 27:


Could you please add support for Fedora 27?


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Re: Support for Fedora 27

Thanks a lot for the information provided. Your input will definitely inform our considerations for the repo in in the future.


Please continue to use the build available in in the meantime. The Dropbox desktop application should be able to auto-update to newer versions by itself.

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Re: Support for Fedora 27

Hi kaitoAckerman,


Hope you are doing good!


I'll make sure your request reaches our dev team for future consideration! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts!


Take care! nerd face


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DNF Repository for Fedora 27

I know that there was another post about the lack of a Fedora 27 repository and that it was marked as "Solved" with the response that Development would be asked to provide it .  This was 3 weeks ago.  Is there an update on this?  Is there an ETA on this being available?  Or is the availability for a Fedora repository going to be phased out? 


Re: DNF Repository for Fedora 27

Hey @CLaCour, let me see what I can find out, and I’ll get back to you here. Cheers

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Re: Support for Fedora 27

Dear Vernon, 


I have just updated to FC27, and tryied to sync using dropbox from older FC version unsuccesfully. I am following 

this thread and I hope the dev team will come up with a solutions soon. Do you have any timeline when this FC27 repo will be available or any other workaround? 


thank you in advance for your time. 




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Re: DNF Repository for Fedora 27

It has been annother 3 weeks and still no Fedora 27 repo for Dropbox.  

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Support for Fedora 27 repository

Still waiting for Fedora 27 support in the repository.  See


27 has been out for some time now....



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Re: Support for Fedora 27

We've been through this once already with Fedora 26:


Please re-open this issue as it is not solved yet. Telling your team about it doesn't resolve the issue.

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Re: Support for Fedora 27

It has been annother month with nothing being done.  I think it is time to look for other solutions.  

Re: Support for Fedora 27

Any news?
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