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Update behind socks proxy

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Update behind socks proxy

I have Dropbox 27.4.22 on Windows 7.
I have it connected via socks5 proxy. Direct call to is blocked on company firewall.


Update procvess will NOT go thru dropbox app, instead I have fileopen request to:

This file openet at browser with proxy (without it will NOT load, its redirect)
and open an installer:

But also, this install will fail, because it's not using Socks proxy.

Well, why is Dropbox aboiding proxy setting and why is trying to connect directly to Automatic update can never be done in this way (with proxy required envirement).

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Re: Update behind socks proxy


Long story short.
1) Windows Dropbox client can't do update via SOCKS proxy.
2) Official Dropbox client (from dropbox page) can't update via SOCKS proxy either.
3) direct site is blocked

No solution or message "accepted as a bug.. " from Dropbox side.

So there is my NON-official solution:

(aka when Firewall or when provider is blocking

-- disclaimer --
1) it is NOT official
2) sure, there can be a virus or malware inside
3) (not, I'm not detecting any of those)
4) but you are on your own, I'm not taking (and can't take) responsibility for this

Solution:Install via this link: [link removed]

It's repacked Dropbox client from another source (which is most likely not blocked).
If you had Dropbox before, it's just update.

Thanks. Bye.
(next time I'll reconsider submitting a bug)
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Re: Update behind socks proxy

Sorry for the delay, @xsoft; I have a copy of Dropbox running through a PuTTY SSH tunnel with dynamic tunnelling enabled, but as there has not been another update yet I cannot verify it updated.


However, as a work-around, you can always download a full version (from: Help Center) of the Dropbox installer instead of the web installer. Your nanite solution also works, although I would caution against using unknown third parties to package executables, particularly those which will be granted administrator permissions for an installation. 


As far as filing a bug report, this is the Dropbox Forum. If you wish to file a bug report, you can do so from Regardless, I am going to leave this copy of the Dropbox PC client running through the PuTTY tunnel until the next update is released and will follow up here.



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Re: Update behind socks proxy

@xsoft let's look into that together, apologies for getting back to you in delay!


Probably the Firewall has been blocking your connection and the Proxy can't get through. Could you have a look at the following as a first step?


  • Allow Dropbox (Dropbox.exe and DropboxUpdate.exe) access to ports 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS)
  • Add to the list of approved websites for your firewall, and make sure that it isn’t blacklisted.
  • Allow *.dropbox and other Dropbox domains to access the internet.

And then check these details? 


Then, you may use this link below to the offline installer: 



Please keep me updated if this persists! 


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Re: Update behind socks proxy


Please read my 1st post.


I'll say ut again - YES,  our firewall is blicking all in/out comming request on all ports, all protocols on all Dropbox IP. That is why this issue is about socks/proxy server.


Update wont use this setting neither installer.


Any tips why internal dropbox update dont go thru this line?

( tups about downloading installer elsewhere wont solve this issue )

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Re: Update behind socks proxy

Just to clarify, you have the Dropbox client properly configured to use a SOCKS proxy, and it syncs properly.. but the client fails to automatically update because the internal updater is ignoring the Dropbox client's SOCKS proxy setting?


Have you also configured Windows itself to properly use the SOCKS proxy? I wonder if when the Dropbox client goes to download updates it is trying to use system proxy settings, rather than the ones specified within the Dropbox client. The procedure for setting proxies both globally in Windows and specifically in Dropbox can be found here. Please ensure both System Settings and Dropbox have the proxy info.

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Re: Update behind socks proxy

yes. Dropbox client works and sync files properly. Via socks5 server configured within Dropbox client setting
(tunnel is made via PuTTy, SSH -> socks .. clasic Linux stuff). It's working like this several months.

And yes, update (withing Dropbox client) is NOT accepting (using) this setting.

Note that I dont have setting at IE (Im not using this). Also all other internet trafic goes directly.

So to "Have you also configured Windows itself to properly use the SOCKS proxy" well .. yes.
With setting to take all trafic thru socks server .. I guess installer will work properly. But there is no point to do so. All trafic goes directly just dropbox should go in another way (thru socks server).

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Re: Update behind socks proxy

Ok, so you're taking advantage of SSH providing SOCKS5 support/transport. From the fact you are using PuTTY, I assume you're using Windows.

I realize you don't use IE, but the proxy settings accessible through IE are the same as in Control Panel -> Networking. Windows software, such as other browsers, etc, can use that setting. It's possible that, for some reason, the Dropbox updater is trying to use that preference rather than the one specified within the Dropbox client itself. It would be helpful for troubleshooting if you can confirm the proxy settings are set there, as well.

Or did I misunderstand? Did you say that setting a global socks proxy as I suggested DOES resolve the issue? If so, then the problem is an actual bug in the Dropbox client.
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Re: Update behind socks proxy


(sorry for not mentioning: Windows 7 PRO, SP1).


I'm reporting this because Dropbox client (windows version, outdated) is saying that "You're using and old version of Dropbox. Please update within the next 5 days to continue using Dropbox". Also that automatic update here is NOT working. This issue is about bug report that this update is NOT working. My assume is that Dropbox update part is not taking / no using socks setting from client, and trying to update in direct, which will fail (firewall block).

I just guess that setting socks server to global (IE setting) will make updater working. But I have no issue about getting over this (I can update by downloading client somewhere else ..). My point is to report this bug.


That's why I must say that NO - this (global socks setting) will not resolve this issue (aka it will not solve this bug). It's just workaround.

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Re: Update behind socks proxy

Right, but if the global SOCKS setting lets it successfully update then that is useful information. It means the Dropbox updater is reading settings from the wrong location. On the other hand, if the global setting doesn't allow it to update successfully, then the Dropbox updater isn't reading proxy settings at all. Knowing which of those two scenarios is taking place will allow developers to determine the cause. The updater and client itself are two separate processes.


If you cannot confirm whether global settings -- as a work-around -- resolve the issue then I will set up a virtual machine and do the testing myself. We need to know which case it is, if we want Dropbox to be able to escalate and quickly address the problem.

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Re: Update behind socks proxy

Ok, I'll try.

file:///C:/users/..../appdata/local/temp/dbxlqzzara.html# (source is Dropbox client)
no SOCKS: just white page, spinning wheel, then ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT
with SOCKS: "We're now downloading Dropbox" and link to


Dropbox Installer: Connecting to Internet ...
(with SOCKS)

no responze od app after 4 minnutes (app will freeze with text "Show me help for this issue")


Using SOCKS server on global level (at IE) will NOT work as work-around for this issue. It will take you one step further, but stucks on second step. (read as: there are now two issues)

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Re: Update behind socks proxy

Thank you. I'm going to try replicating this issue tonight. Do you have any firewall logging enabled? I am curious to determine whether:

  • attempts to connect are being made outside the SOCKS tunnel and are being blocked by your local firewall, or
  • attempts to connect are going through the SOCKS tunnel and being dropped/blocked at the other end for some reason.

Another question:

Your machine is clearly set up to block outbound traffic that isn't going through the SOCKS proxy; are you blocking DNS, as well? It's not good behavior, but many programs ignore SOCKS for DNS resolution; it would be interesting if you could unblock DNS locally (assuming it's blocked) and see whether Dropbox suddenly updates properly. 


I realize this is a lot of work on your end, but if we can go to Dropbox with a report that SOCKS proxies fail under specific, reproducible circumstances then they will be much better-positioned to address the issue. I'm sure they care about all reports of product failures, but simply telling them "SOCKS proxies don't update properly" won't give them much to go on. Thanks for bearing with me!

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