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Update behind socks proxy

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Re: Update behind socks proxy


A = my computer

B = firewall/gateway at company

C = computer outside comp. network


A -------> B#fw ---> (internet)       //connection to internet, all trafic
A --SSH--> C ------> (internet)       

Dropbox client have SOCKS5 to "C".

Computer A and C dont have any restrictions on firewall. (so no, there is no firewall on local maching with dropbox client)


At B there is DROP rule to all IP of Dropbox



That means A (directly) can PING, tan telnet to 80 or 443.

But DNS is possible. PING (and NSLOOKUP) will get IP of (, but cant ping anything because of DROP rule (ping will return connection timeout).

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Re: Update behind socks proxy

And 7 days are out.

"You're using an old version of Dropbox. Please update to the latest verstion to continue using Dropbox"
Update is not possible to do. SOCKS setting from Dropbox or IE (global) will not work there. Firewall rule can't be deleted ... that means .. game over :-(

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Re: Update behind socks proxy


Long story short.
1) Windows Dropbox client can't do update via SOCKS proxy.
2) Official Dropbox client (from dropbox page) can't update via SOCKS proxy either.
3) direct site is blocked

No solution or message "accepted as a bug.. " from Dropbox side.

So there is my NON-official solution:

(aka when Firewall or when provider is blocking

-- disclaimer --
1) it is NOT official
2) sure, there can be a virus or malware inside
3) (not, I'm not detecting any of those)
4) but you are on your own, I'm not taking (and can't take) responsibility for this

Solution:Install via this link: [link removed]

It's repacked Dropbox client from another source (which is most likely not blocked).
If you had Dropbox before, it's just update.

Thanks. Bye.
(next time I'll reconsider submitting a bug)
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Re: Update behind socks proxy

Sorry for the delay, @xsoft; I have a copy of Dropbox running through a PuTTY SSH tunnel with dynamic tunnelling enabled, but as there has not been another update yet I cannot verify it updated.


However, as a work-around, you can always download a full version (from: Help Center) of the Dropbox installer instead of the web installer. Your nanite solution also works, although I would caution against using unknown third parties to package executables, particularly those which will be granted administrator permissions for an installation. 


As far as filing a bug report, this is the Dropbox Forum. If you wish to file a bug report, you can do so from Regardless, I am going to leave this copy of the Dropbox PC client running through the PuTTY tunnel until the next update is released and will follow up here.




Re: Update behind socks proxy

Hey @xsoft


This is just a brilliant workaround, thanks for posting this here, it'll definitely help a lot of users connecting through a VPN!

Much appreciated indeed! upside-down face tools gear


Please Accept as Solution White check mark if this post answers your question!
Kudos relieved face are always appreciated!! Rainbow

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Re: Update behind socks proxy

@xsoft Hey, sorry for the delay -- Dropbox just pushed a new update to my client last night. I wanted to confirm that SOCKS5 via PuTTY SSH do update properly. My sandbox client successfully updated from 34.3.19 to 35.3.15. If you are still having issues with SOCKS5 please fill out a support request here.

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Re: Update behind socks proxy

Hello, thanks - I will.

Since Im still on version 33.4.23 (from last manual update mentioned previously).

It is still NOT working. Sorry.


Note: version 33.4.23, windows 7pro, dropbox client restarted.
(this is BETA release right?) never mind, I had and have turned ON early releases.

Mousehover on Dropbox client whos also: "Dropbox 33.4.23, Up to date"

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Re: Update behind socks proxy

I realize it isn't working for you. But since it is working generally, this is something that is going to require investigation into the personal details of your setup to identify the root cause. That is why I suggested submitting a support request to Dropbox.
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Re: Update behind socks proxy

It is kinda strange that it's not working on my side but it's workign on yours.

Are you sure you block your firewall properly?

Like with DROP rule on all IP range for Dropbox? (DNS is allowed).
Setup just at Dropbox client, not IE.

(note: report submited as suggested).

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Re: Update behind socks proxy

It's running in a virtual machine with no internet access, only virtual lan access to the host (i.e. no NAT is provided at all). The host is running PuTTY with dynamic tunneling. The VM uses the host's lan ip as the SOCKS5 proxy server address.
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