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Why won't load?

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My old computer is out of memory so I deleted my Dropbox desktop app.  Now I can't find nor figure out how to add back the link to  The icon used to be linked to my taskbar so that it showed up when I booted up the computer.  Bottom line, I want to use exclusively and want to have access conveniently nearby when I start my computer (vs. having to go online and logging in from my browser).   Please provide the steps to make this happen.


Thank you.

R Hammond

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Re: Why won't load?

New Super User

Hey @roknrobn 


So if I am understanding correctly, you just want a shortcut on your computer that will take you to right? 

Instructions to Create a Shortcut

Almost every browser has this ability. If you are on Chrome, just go to the website you want to create the shortcut for, click the 3 lines in the upper right, click More Tools, then click Create a shortcut.


Hope this helps!



Re: Why won't load?

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Did my instructions above work for you?

Installation and Desktop App Issues

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Why won't load?
2 Replies
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