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2 Linux accounts to 1 Dropbox

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I have inherited a system, where we are using Dropbox to sync files from a windows system to an Ubuntu box.

The Linux user that dropbox runs under is userX.
There is another Linux user who needs access to delete these files - userY.

How can I setup Dropbox, or perms so that this can be achieved. This used to work, but then after someone/something renamed a folder it has stopped working.

All files synced onto the Ubuntu box are now owned by userX, with the group of userX and with perms of 644.

How can I either get the files synced to have perms of 666, set the group to be a common group between the 2 users, or generally allow this to work.

As stated before, this has worked previously.

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Re: 2 Linux accounts to 1 Dropbox

Star Collaborator | Level 18

Hi @gingerbob,

This isn't something specific to a particular OS. winking face On this forum there are lot of question (similar or which could be related to your) related to all supported OSes. For example, when somebody (account) else try access files in Dropbox directory, very often access is fully or partially denied or newly created file is breaking Dropbox work (permission/owning issue). Classical way is using different connections for every one local user to the Dropbox account, so no any risk exist and easy configurable. Drawback is lot of engaged space which would be spent.

Particularly in Linux there are some additional options which could be used independently or together. One option is adding all desired local users in common supplemental group (using 'adduser'), so group rights would overcome owning/permission issues. According reported files permissions (644), seems your umask currently is something like 022, which forbid group access! This is unusual and non default one, check where is forced this mask. Option here is the mask to be set to 002, for example, in every user's '.profile' (in the home directory) using umask 002. The same could be done on global level, either in '/etc/profile' or create new config in '/etc/profile.d/'.

Using above tips should be enough to work as you want. slightly smiling face Additional option is creation AppArmor Dropbox profile, which will let Dropbox application to work even while there are some owning/permission issues. Combining all options will improve Dropbox work stability.

Hope this gives some ideas. upside-down face

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2 Linux accounts to 1 Dropbox
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