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After update syncing forever

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So I’ve updated to the latest stable build on my Mac, after the update all the files in my Dropbox started syncing (the blue syncing label next to the files), however none of the file have that green tick label after an hour of syncing. I’ve tried quitting Dropbox and reopen it but it still doesn’t work. I have the 2TB plus plan and there’s only 127GB of stuff saved on Dropbox, so I don’t think it should take this long to sync?
When I hover my mouse to the Dropbox icon all it says is “Dropbox 81.4.195 Syncing...”

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Rif.: After update syncing forever

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It might be an issue similar to what I have experienced with the same version of Dropbox on a Windows PC, after updating the OS.

Trying opening in your browser to visit your Dropbox account; then click on the top right icon of your account personal icon, and click on Settings.

Then open the Security tab and scroll down to see which Devices are linked to your Dropbox. In my case, I found that my Windows PC was listed several times, perhaps because upon each update it had been registered as a new one.

Disconnect all the duplicates (do not tick the mark suggesting to delete the content!); if in doubt about which is the most current one, just disconnect all Macs registered to your account. The dropbox will disconnect on your Mac, you will have to reconnect and hopefully the syncing should should start working again.

Anyway, if you have lots of files, it may take a long time anyway, so I recommend being patient, the first syncing may really take several hours.

Hope it helps! 

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After update syncing forever
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