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Can I sync OneNote notebooks through Dropbox?

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Just as the question says, can I have my ON notebooks sync through Dropbox? Instead of using OneDrive.

I've been looking online and so far I've only found third-party apps and services that do it, not a straight up sync option.

I haven't really used ON before, but I was exploring it as a posibility for my notes, since I use Dropbox for just about everything else and was not interested in having an extra backup service.

Thank you.

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Re: Can I sync OneNote notebooks through Dropbox?

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That's something that you'd need to ask Microsoft. Dropbox will sync any files you put it in. Whether or not OneNote supports Dropbox or allows you to save the files in Dropbox is something that only Microsoft can answer.

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Can I sync OneNote notebooks through Dropbox?
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