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Re: Can't remove Dropbox icon from Mac OS Dock


Hello everyone and thank you again for your patience and feedback.

Yesterday, the new Dropbox desktop app was updated to improve MacOS dock behavior for those of you using the new desktop app.

The new Dropbox desktop app and dock icon will no longer appear automatically at login.

To ensure your files continue to sync automatically, even if the app is closed, go to your Preferences and check the "Start Dropbox on system startup" option.

We do suggest you use the "keep in dock" option so you can easily find the new desktop app, or if you prefer, you can access the app through Finder.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or additional feedback.


Re: Can't remove Dropbox icon from Mac OS Dock

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That did it! I'd like to thank you big time for making this happen - it may seem like a small thing but for a lot of us (or speaking for myself, I) really like Dropbox's native functionality we've had til now - running along quietly up in the menu bar, integrated as a folder in Finder.  

I appreciate this.  Thanks again.


Re: Can't remove Dropbox icon from Mac OS Dock

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Thank you, it works!


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Can't remove Dropbox icon from Mac OS Dock
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