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External Dropbox, New Mac

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My Mac had so many issues I had to reformat the hard drive and do a clean install of the OS. I am back up but need to connect DropBox. I have downloaded and installed the DropBox app. I quit the app before it tried to do any syncing.

I need to sync this new install to an EXISTING DropBox folder on an external RAID. I obviously do not want to lose any data. There are TB of data. Do I simply go into DropBox settings and choose the existing location? Or will that overwrite all that data?

Need a step by step for a Mac so I do not lose any data.

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Re: External Dropbox, New Mac

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I ended up marking the old Dropbox folder "Dropbox OLD" and then created a new Dropbox user. I have the room on my RAID, it's just going to take days to sync.



Re: External Dropbox, New Mac

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@xparrot wrote:

... it's just going to take days to sync.

Pause syncing or exit the Dropbox app. Move (or copy if you have room, to be safe) the content of the Dropbox OLD folder into the newly created Dropbox folder. Resume syncing or re-launch the app.

At this point Dropbox will index your files. This will take time, especiall with a large Dropbox. BE PATIENT AND LET IT WORK. During this time it may appear to be uploading and downloading, but it's only sending comparison data and any changes that it needs to sync.

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External Dropbox, New Mac
2 Replies
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