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Getting Dropbox to work with KeePassX

New member | Level 1

I save my KeePassX .kbd file in my Dropbox folder at home on my Linux (Ubuntu 14.10) and on my work (Windows smiling face with sunglasses computer. This is not the best setup. I find the .kbd file on my home computer is a much older version than the file I use at work. In fact,when I go to open my .kbd on my home computer file I get this error - despite the fact my work .kbd file is closed:

The database you are trying to open is locked.
This means that either someone else has opened the file or KeePassX crashed last time it opened the database.

Do you want to open it anyway?

I read this post on in the Dropbox Help Center that leads me to believe this shouldn't be an issue:

Does Dropbox always upload/download the entire file any time a change is made?:

Does anyone know what may be causing this problem and how to remedy it?

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Re: Getting Dropbox to work with KeePassX

New member | Level 1

Hi Kevin, I'm also using KeePassX with dropbox and I'm having no issues whatsoever up to this point.
All my computers are running linux (one of them with dual boot to windows).

The error you get with keepassx is because whenever you open the key database, it creates a lock file in the same folder with the same name as the file but with .kdb.lock extension. It uses it to know that the file is open so that it doesn't get corrupted or overwritten by another keepassx instance. Then, when you close the database it gets closed.
So whenever you open the database, the lock file is created and synced to dropbox, and when you close it, it's deleted.
Simply by going to the database folder and deleting the lock file yourself you should be able to open the database.
But if it's not locked on both computers, then your probblem is not related to keepassx, but to the dropbox sync.

From what you say, it looks to me that your home version of the database is stuck in an older state in which it was open. If you are sure that your work version is more up to date than your home version, it must mean that your home dropbox is not being synced properly.

Make sure that the file you are opening with keepassx is the same on both computers, and that dropbox is syncing properly on both sides. Maybe you unchecked the folder under selective sync, or maybe your home dropbox isn't syncing at all.

I hope you can get it sorted out.


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Getting Dropbox to work with KeePassX
1 Reply
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