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Learn how designer, Christina, set up her portfolio on the go with Dropbox

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Meet Christina, a business owner and designer who is able to share her talent on the go with Dropbox. This is Christina’s story…
What brought me to Dropbox
Being a designer, I work with huge files. My files used to require an external hard drive to manage, which I found not to be the most stable option. It was unreasonable to constantly carry around a laptop and an external hard drive. I sometimes found myself with the opportunity to share what I do, but with zero ability to do so.
How I use Dropbox
I now have my full portfolio of work in my pocket, anytime I need it. I also know that my designs are safe on Dropbox's stable platform. And with the sync feature my laptop hums along like I want it to instead of being bogged down with memory and storage space issues. It's a new world and it makes me incredibly happy to be able to slip seamlessly from my phone to my laptop and back, uploading, downloading, sharing. It's so simple.
My account is set up into the main areas of my work and personal life. I have a “Paid” folder, a “Volunteer” folder, and one for my personal things like photos, taxes, and recipes I like. Under each main folder I have client folders and within those I have dated folders for each of the projects I've done for them. When I need to share a document because it's too big to email I create a link and email it to the client so they can review the work. Some of my projects are 150+ page magazine layouts so this is a life saver!
Also, having every single thing I've created, kept, or downloaded accessible on my phone has been a game-changer. Whether it's sharing a recipe, finding the date of an event on a poster I designed, or just having access to a photo album when I'm with family. It's just awesome... a couple clicks and I have what I need no matter where I am.
Tips for the community
  • Use the sync function. It's so handy for giving me access to only what I need. And the forum. It helped when I needed it most.
  • Sign up for Dropbox today. Organize your work flow the way YOU want it, and go wild. Then use the forum if you have any "I don't know how to" moments.


Do you use Dropbox in a similar way? Have questions for Christina about their workflow? Reply below with your thoughts!

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Re: Learn how designer, Christina, set up her portfolio on the go with Dropbox

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This is great. Thanks!

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Learn how designer, Christina, set up her portfolio on the go with Dropbox
1 Reply
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