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Option To Edit With Word Online Not Visible In Firefox

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I have used dropbox for years and I recently have had an issue in firefox where I don't have the editing options visible for either word online or google docs. I checked in chrome and firefox on multiple devices and this issue only seems to happen in firefox. I found a workaround to make the editing options visble where I would click to share then cancel, and this worked for a time. The issue seem to resolved until about a week ago and the editing options were no longer visible in firefox. I found another workaround but it only works for .docx files and not .doc files. My workaround is to open the preview of the file and then highligt as if I were making a comment and then editing options become visble. I would really like to know if any one else has seen this in firefox. 

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Re: Option To Edit With Word Online Not Visible In Firefox

Hey @samlich70, kindly note that you should be able to edit .docx files using the Open in Word Online option, as long as you’re using on the two most recent versions of Firefox, you're using Flash Player 10 or later & you’ve ensured that there are no third-party security app blocking ports preventing the "Open" button from working as it should. If you’re still facing issues after verifying you’re running supported components, it is possible that a proxy, antivirus application, firewall, or other application is blocking this on your Firefox browsing session. 
Could you try repeating once in private browsing mode/without any extensions running as a quick fix & see if that's the solution you're looking for? As an additional step, would you mind clearing your browser's cache & see if this does the trick for you this time? If you’re still getting the same outcome or you get stuck in any way, I’d appreciate it if you included a screenshot (omitting personal info please) of what the previewing window appears to you in your next reply here, so as to get a better idea of what’s happening.
Once you get back in touch with me, we can discuss it in more detail. Until we talk again, have a wonderful rest of your day! 


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Option To Edit With Word Online Not Visible In Firefox
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