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Smart Sync randomly downloads

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This has been an issue for a while and in every post I've found, Dropbox punts.

My smart sync CONSTANTLY and RANDOMLY downloads stuff from Online Only and ALL Dropbox does is blame it on the other Apps.  This is NO EXCUSE.  Dropbox created this service, so DROPBOX SHOULD MAKE IT WORK.   I may have an App open, but Dropbox needs to figure out how to PREVENT things from going Local that have not SPECIFICALLY been selected for Download.  If I have delineated something as ONLINE ONLY then DROPBOX should figure out how to make that file REMAIN Online Only until it is SPECIFICALLY selected for moving to Local.  This is INCREDIBLY ANNOYING.

Sorry for the ALL CAPS but this has been FRUSTRATING me for a WHILE.

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Re: Smart Sync randomly downloads

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Smart Sync is working as intended.

When you mark a file as Online-only, Dropbox removes the file from your local drive and leaves behind a place holder file. If you try to open or access that file, Dropbox downloads it back to the computer and marks it as Local.

Now, it doesn't have to be YOU that accesses the file. Any application or service that attempts to access the file will cause Dropbox to download it and mark it as Local again. This is SUPPOSED to happen because the file cannot be accessed while Online-only. Dropbox can't (and it's not its job to) determine whether it's you accessing a file or some other process. All it knows is that a file has been requested, so it's delivered.

You'll see this a lot with backups, virus scans, applications that build thumbanils of a folder of files, etc. ANYTHING that accesses a file will cause it to be downloaded again, and this is by design.

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Smart Sync randomly downloads
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