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Syncing is stuck after uploading a lot of data even though smart sync was applied, any help?

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Hello. I have a Dropbox Business account (I am not an admin) and am trying to upload some files from a removable drive via an IMac.  The IMac (4Gb RAM, 250 Gb drive) recently had the drive reformatted and OS 10.11.6 installed by Apple. No other apps or extensions have been installed, including ICloud. 

Dropbox was installed and after logging into my shared Business account and setting Smart Sync on my local Dropbox folders to online only, I started uploading to my account approximately 400 GB of files from an external drive, which is more storage than the Mac has.  After a few days, I noticed that the Smart Sync option had disappeared from the local Dropbox folders and then I got a message that "file xxx cannot be copied because there isn't enough space".  I saw that the local drive had filled up with folders that were previously flagged to be "Online Only" and now had no Smart Sync option.  I reinstalled Dropbox and the same problem came back:  Smart Sync option was available initially but disappeared. The hard drive is still full.  The Dropbox Status continues to be "Indexing 191 files..." and never completes.

I assume that the problem is that this Mac is not working well with Smart Sync.  I have looked for answers here and found none.  How do I proceed?  My admin person does not have access to this IMac so I don't think it will be easy for him to discuss this with Dropbox. Thanks for your help.

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Re: Smart Sync stops working on IMac

Hey there @wauchopebruce,
When you’re uploading content to your Dropbox account by adding it to the Dropbox folder on your computer, the files will need to be local while they sync to your account. You’ll be able to apply smart sync to the file after they have been successfully synced with your Dropbox account.
Can you move back a small amount of data from the Dropbox folder to the external drive to free up enough space on your internal drive’s storage so that the app can finish syncing the data. Once you’ve moved a small amount of the data back, please let me know if you then see the sync status of the desktop app progressing.
Let me know how it goes - Thanks!

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Syncing is stuck after uploading a lot of data even though smart sync was applied, any help?
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