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The "Your Dropbox is Almost Empty" Notification is Unacceptable Design

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I'm making another post on this because Dropbox needs to understand how bad of a design choice this is. Let's go over the reasons.

An acceptable notification should follow the following set of guidelines:

- It should auto-dismiss after a short period of time - a time equivalent to how long a user can glance and read it.

- It should respect windows 10 game mode, and borderless/exclusive fullscreen applications.

- Also, it should not be a daily occurrence, let alone a weekly - rather, it should be something that a user can disable without resorting to regedit tactics.

This notification breaks all of these rules - It stays permanently unless dismissed, it appears on top of fullscreen applications [see image:] and it is broadcast to users every, single, day. The combination of the fact that it can appear over full-screen applications, and that it doesn't dismiss automatically is exceptionally egregious, since this will force people to alt-tab to remove the notification, which can crash certain games, and also requires them to remove their attention away from whatever game you're playing. It isn't simply a case of "clicking on it", because most games capture your mouse within the game window, meaning you must intentionally choose to change your currently active window to your stupid pop-up notification - which will also minimise or alt-tab certain games if you manage you get a virtual cursor over it.

Why on earth your team thinks that this is a good idea is beyond me. If you ran a poll right now, to all users of dropbox, I guarantee you that the vast majority of your users absolutely hate it (just like how 73% of all users on the internet despise pop-up ads) What makes things even worse is the following: In an alternate post about this [see here:] one of your team sooner recommends that users reduce the quality of their dropbox experience by, and I quote, "disabling notifications in Windows 10 from the OS's Notifications settings". This means that you would rather see your users not be given notifications for things like: Files added, Files removed, link copied, [your dropbox **actually** being full] amongst other useful notifications - all for the sake of pushing a notification once per day about your service.

You should face facts, and understand that some users will never pay for your premium service, but please don't make their experience any worse, because this will actually dissuade them (including me) from recommending your service to other people who might otherwise be more willing to pay. I've been using dropbox for five years, and for the first 4.5 years have happily recommended your software, but I cannot recommend it any longer with this nagging design choice. Please consider giving users the right to control your application in other ways than uninstalling it



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Re: The "Your Dropbox is Almost Empty" Notification is Unacceptable Design


Hi there @Delta-Mod, thanks for checking in with us and for your detailed post.

Although there isn't currently an option to disable only the notification about your space on your desktop app, please note that your feedback, whether positive or negative, is greatly appreciated!

I understand that this isn't the ideal reply you were looking for, but I hope this helps to some extent.

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Re: The "Your Dropbox is Almost Empty" Notification is Unacceptable Design

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No, you're right @Lusil  , it isn't the ideal reply. If it weren't for the fact that there are posts as early as May 10th, 2018 on the ubuntu forums, and July 18th, 2018 on the dropbox forums, about it I'd be hopeful, but it seems instead that the requests from the community are being intentionally ignored for this particular topic by whomever is in charge of "feature" implementation at dropbox.

Tell me instead if there is even a conceivable chance that there will be a way to disable this notification in the near future, or if it is the intention of the dropbox team to keep this feature as a nagging advertisement for any box at 90% full. 

Addendum: The notification itself also ignores system level settings that dictate the amount of time that notifications are allowed to appear for [seen here:]. If you really must keep the notification, at least change it so that you're not using some workaround for system settings.

- Delta-Mod



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The "Your Dropbox is Almost Empty" Notification is Unacceptable Design
2 Replies
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