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WIndows 10 with multiple local users, one (paid) Dropbox account

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I have a new computer with Windows 10.  I am the administrator (local, not set up as a microsoft account).  I have added my kids as users, (not administrator, also local)

We have one Dropbox account.  I have a folder in Dropbox and each kid has a folder.  We also have a folder for pictures and music (and a few others), which all of us use. The computer has two hard drives-a smaller one where Windows is loaded (C: ), and a larger one for data. (D: ). Dropbox is loaded on/syncs to the D: drive.

I want to set up my computer so that each of us can access our own folders (but not anyone elses) and the pictures and music folders when logged in to our respective accounts.

Right now it's set up as, (but not working right)-
-Went into each user account, set up Dropbox in each with my Dropbox login. In each user account, I set up the account to selectively sync folders each person should have access to and they are synced locally because our internet connection is troublesome.  I am using selective sync in part because I have another large file with some videos that I don't want synced anywhere-it's fine just on dropbox, as well as some folders shared with outside users that I don't want synced. However, when I go into my kids' user accounts in Windows, their files show and show as being synced but I can't open them-it gives an error message that says "Failed to Download".  (and the error isn't because the file hasn't finished syncing yet-I tried on several small files of different types and manually synced them first).

-I also tried, (but it didn't work either)
All dropbox folders (except for the videos et al folder) are synched under my user account. No dropbox set up under their account.  In that scenario, all their files loaded and could be opened from their account but then didn't sync.

I know one option is to purchase separate paid accounts for my kids but Dropbox still doesn't have a family plan unfortantely and I can't really afford the cost for paid accounts for each kid.  The pictures and music and a few other folders we all use are too big for them to access with a free account.

Any suggestions for how to make this work? I saw some stuff on this from a couple of years ago but couldn't understand the recommendations unfortunately.


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Re: WIndows 10 with multiple local users, one (paid) Dropbox account


Hi @lw17 - welcome to the Dropbox Family!

Can you please send me a screenshot of the exact error you get when accessing those files from your kids' user accounts so I can have a better view of the matter at hand?

While at it, note that if you need access to two different Dropboxes on the same computer the best option is to create a second user account within your operating system for the second (third, fourth etc.) Dropbox account. However, you would need to log out of one user account and log in to the other account to switch Dropbox accounts. This may or may not be convenient for your needs.

Alternatively, you could link one Dropbox account to your computer and access any others via the web interface only.

In any case, I'll be waiting for your response to help look into this!


Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Re: WIndows 10 with multiple local users, one (paid) Dropbox account

Helpful | Level 6

Thanks for your response! I ended up uninstalling Dropbox from my computer and reinstalling it, and it seems to be working now.  I have a new problem now, but will start a new thread.

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WIndows 10 with multiple local users, one (paid) Dropbox account
2 Replies
Solved! : See solution
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