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Re: Where are my files?

Helpful | Level 6

It's an embarassment that you don't give people proper access to their folder structure to move things around easily, don't let people move files onto the external microSD within the dropbox app, don't let people export several files or a folder or folders from the app on the phone, seemingly only let people export single files, don't offer a proper mp3-player that actually works well (playing all files in a folder in sequence for instance). Etc. 

This has been such a waste of time. What is your service actually for? People don't use clouds like yours for backup reasons, but for ease of access on multiple platforms and while traveling, when you for instance have low data, bad connections, no connections. What is the terrabyte of data plan for when you can't store and use simple mp3s- are you kidding? 

I'm starting to think I will be better off without your service. 

Everything is up-to-date. Go ahead. 


Re: Where are my files?

Helpful | Level 6

Why does the thread claim "solved", when it clearly has not been solved. Your download of files to make them available offline takes forever, and regularly gets stuck. I had to redownload all with the new android now, because it asked me to clear all temporary files and so I deleted them all after update to the new android. It was like 30 gibabyte in offline dropbox files 4 weeks ago, I am still downloading these to offline again. NO ONE NEEDS 1 Terrabyte on the cloud alone with these slow download speeds, redownloads after software updates, the necessity to download 200 mb folders at a time again and again because the download otherwise gets stuck. I don't get it. My phone has 400 gb internal and 400 gb external memory. Connectivity is always the issue across half the globe, not memory on the devices. 

Get real 


Re: Where are my files?

New member | Level 2

I found my files under

Android / data / / files / <userID> / scratch


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Where are my Offline files on my android phone & how can I save my Offline files to my device?
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