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showcase section headers

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Is it possible in Showcase to rename the section headers.... In other words I do not want my first section called 'Section 1' - I want to call it 'Marketing resourses'.... etc

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Re: showcase section headers


Hey there @tjt61,

Although there isn't currently a way to rename the small titles on the left that read Section 1Section 2, and so on, please note that when you preview a Showcase, they don't appear. 

Additionally, if you want to have a specific section to be named something, such as "Marketing", you can add it as a text block.

More specifically:

  1. Open your Showcase.
  2. Hover between the part that says Section 1 and the following image/file.
  3. A plus button (+) should appear on the left-hand side - click it. 
  4. Out of all the options that are listed, select Insert text block.
  5. Type in "Marketing". 
  6. Click outside of the box. 

Now, when you preview your Showcase, these text blocks can appear like titles for each one of your sections. 

I understand that this may not be the ideal reply you were looking for, but I do hope it helps to some extent!

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showcase section headers
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