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Re: Import from GDrive doesn't work

Import from GDrive doesn't work

Helpful | Level 6

Hi ...


I'm trying to migrate my data from GDrive.  When I select the "Import from Google Drive" option, I get weird behaviour:

  1. I get a message saying "Couldn't upload files from Google Drive"
  2. Then the Google login appears, which I complete.
  3. Then I can browse my GDrive folders - I select a folder.
  4. Then I get a spinning icon, telling me a transfer is happening - "Fetching files from Google Drive".
  5. Then sometime later (presumably after a timeout) when I come back I'm left looking at another error message "Couldn't find any files in your Google Drive".

What's going on? ... I thought this feature worked?

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brian q.
Helpful | Level 6

My experience with the current integration is not great either.


Two primary issues.


1) no real info on what's going on in the background, ie no way to learn what is happening after a job is submitted.  Except of course a failed email that might show up hours/days latter.   They need a ETA interface to background tasks.

2) does not work on 'larger' big jobs.  Try loading a 100GB file accross it, no luck, ie from google drive to dropbox.  If I guessed its failing at the token timeout mark???   


workaround:  rclone


I have rclone running in the us-west-2 on a tiny instance, saw an easy 100-200 mb/s speeds  between google and dbox, awesome!   One day will up the instance to a something closer to 1gb/s   curious where things might top out


Granted maybe rclone is only means for us level-6 and up folks???   😉 

Then again, I'm sure someone already has a dbox app or other webapp somewhere out there wrapped around it to make it friendly.







brian q.
Helpful | Level 6

Follow on: (further experiments)


Finally got a 



After about 24 hours (leaving the window open), I got a 'success' email, unfortunately upon inspection, it was a false positive.  File was only 19GB, on a file which should have been 171GB.


VERY BAD!   Giving false positive on file transfers is actually one of the worse things it could do... nooone would be the wiser that things really went wrong.... until days/months/years later!


The built-in google drive support inside of Dropbox, I'd steer clear of for now. 


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