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Feature Fridays

Feature Fridays

Community Manager
Part of our mission at Dropbox is to design a more enlightened way of working. A lot of effort goes into building upon the user experience in pursuit of that goal, and I’m happy to say that this Community Group will be an outlet for sharing the results of that effort. 
Feature Fridays are officially entering the conversation! The first Friday of the month (and maybe some in between if I get too excited to wait), I’ll be shining the spotlight here on features within the Dropbox product. I’ll call to your attention if there’s anything new about it, and importantly the potential for impact to your workflows.
This Friday I’m here to talk about Advanced Search Operators! Cue the exciting walk out music :notes:
The headline is that we’ve recently improved search
functionality to help usersAdvanced Search Operators.jpg find what they need, faster.
Who loves going to search for a file and
not finding
what you need? No one. You can now
 use advanced
search operators like the below to help refine your
search for that file you could have SWORN you saved
in a different place. We've all been there - let Dropbox help!
  • Date
  • Titles
  • Type
  • AND
  • OR

You can learn more about Advanced Search by visiting this Help Center article, and be sure to let me know here how you leverage Advanced Search Operators to find what you need, faster. 

Have a request for a Feature Friday? Reply below and I'm happy to see if I can build a post around the functionality you're looking to know more about, then tag you when I post it!

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