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Family Plan, Dropbox Passwords, Plus a lot more

Community Manager
Community Manager
We know that working and keeping in touch is a little different at the moment, so we are excited to announce some amazing new features for Dropbox Plus users to help you stay organized and get more done, without adding any more stress. We are delighted to say that some of the ideas you, our Community members, have submitted have been made in to a reality. They are currently in Beta and will be included as part of the Dropbox Plus plans soon. We would love to hear what you think, so join the conversation below.

Dropbox Family

You asked for it, and it’s here! Dropbox Family is Dropbox Plus, but for your whole family. 
Everyone who is connected to the family account will have all the features of Dropbox Plus on their own accounts, but it will all be organized on one bill. Now you can store those secret family recipes and group photos in one place, with 2TB of shared storage and it’s all on one bill, to keep it simple. When you share with members on your plan, it only counts towards your plan storage once, not for each time a document is shared. Now you can create a shared family space to share those important family docs with peace of mind. Your plan can include up to 6 members, whether they are in your household or living elsewhere, like college students or grandparents.  
We're currently beta testing the Dropbox Family product with select Dropbox users and plan to roll it out more broadly throughout the year, so keep your eyes peeled.
Dropbox familyDropbox family

Store and sync passwords across all devices with Dropbox Passwords

How many of us are guilty of reusing or remixing passwords and still forgetting them all? One of the biggest interruptions to our lives can be forgetting passwords, whether it’s paying a bill online, managing your kids schoolwork or just streaming to relax. 
Don’t worry, the new Passwords app saves your passwords in one safe place and autofills them so you can instantly sign in to websites and apps. You can sign in anywhere on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. Passwords secures your credentials with zero-knowledge encryption, so your passwords are protected and only accessible by you. This is currently in Beta and will be released to a wider audience soon. 
Dropbox PasswordsDropbox Passwords

Get the most from Dropbox with the new App Center

If you haven’t seen it yet, the new App Center is here to make your life easier too, a centralized place to find those tools from partners including Zoom, Slack, and Google. The App Center lets you discover, learn about, and connect apps to your Dropbox account. You can learn all about it here
App CenterApp Center

Keep your most important documents safe and in order with Dropbox Vault

Whether it’s your passport, insurance details, or even legal documents, you want to make sure your most important files are safe and well organized, so you can find them when you need them. We have created Vault, with a PIN for secure access. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can designate trusted friends or family members who can access your files in an emergency. It’s like a virtual safe deposit box, just in case! This will be released generally soon, but for now it’s in Beta with select Dropbox users.
Dropbox VaultDropbox Vault

Computer backup syncs folders on your PC or Mac with Dropbox  

We’ve all had that gut wrenching moment when our computer freezes and we panic to think when we last backed it up… Well now you’ll always know! Once you turn on the computer backup feature, you can automatically back up folders on your PC or Mac, including your Desktop, Downloads, and Documents, directly into your Dropbox folder. Files and folders are continuously synced between the cloud and your hard drive and accessible from anywhere. Computer backup is now available in beta on Dropbox Basic, Plus, and Professional plans.
Computer backupComputer backup

Paperless signing is easier than ever 

We’ve made it easier than ever before to sign and store documents with HelloSign and Dropbox Plus. Now you can easily send, securely sign, and safely store your most important agreements in one seamless workflow without leaving Dropbox. There’s no confusing user journey for customers or team members, so you can keep everything running smoothly. Currently in Beta, this will be moving on to general release soon as well.
Paperless signingPaperless signing
Keep your eyes peeled for these features as they become available to all Dropbox Plus users, and we’ll making sure to keep you up to date with all the latest release right here on the Community.

Which of these features are you most excited about? 

Do you know how to organize your files and folders?
We have created a guide on folder best practice, so you can get organized now check it out here.

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