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Re: Get started with Dropbox Spaces

Get started with Dropbox Spaces

Community Manager
Dropbox Spaces is a new virtual workspace within Dropbox that brings all your projects and teams together. 
The new Dropbox Spaces is a virtual workspace that brings teams and projects together. With Spaces, teams have one easy-to-use place where they can collaborate on content, communicate with their team, and coordinate projects from start to finish.
Since its introduction last year, Spaces has evolved to become a standalone, virtual workspace. The new Spaces brings projects and teams together so you can collaborate efficiently from kickoff to delivery. Here’s how Spaces can help your team move projects forward. 

Streamline your work


It’s difficult to kick off a project or manage work when information is spread across tools and channels. With Spaces, projects are made easy by bringing everything the team needs—including files, meeting plans, and project plans—easily accessible and in a simple, organized workspace.
Easily kick off projects with teammates or clients—wherever they are. Quickly find and add relevant project files to a Space, and get an organized view of all your projects in one place.
Dropbox Spaces - Streamline your workDropbox Spaces - Streamline your work


Prioritize your day


Competing priorities make it difficult to be efficient and accomplish what needs to get done. With Spaces, create a prioritized task list for yourself and the team, add project milestones, and manage your schedule so you never miss a deadline. Keep projects on track and the team on schedule, or on a more granular level, manage your schedule for the day.
Dropbox Spaces - Organize your dayDropbox Spaces - Organize your day

Stay connected to move projects forward


Connecting with people and keeping tabs on work-in-progress is more challenging than ever. With Spaces, share and reply to feedback, and feel the human connection of working together from anywhere. Work more efficiently by bringing meeting and project content together in one place. Collaborate and exchange feedback asynchronously or in real-time. Post and monitor key project updates for the team, and @mention specific teammates to get their attention. Get a shared view on work-in-progress and keep tabs on updates from the team.
Dropbox Spaces - Attach files to updatesDropbox Spaces - Attach files to updates

Get started and create a Space


Get involved and create a Space for yourself! Once you request access, all you have to do is:
  1. Sign in to
  2. Click Spaces in the left sidebar.
    • If you don’t see Spaces in the left sidebar, click the grid icon in the top-right corner and click Spaces.
  3. Click New Space.
  4. Name your Space.
Now you can add content to your new Space. Anything you add to a Space is automatically shared with everyone, so you’ll be collaborating in no time :slight_smile: 
The new Dropbox Spaces is currently available in private beta. To request access, check out
We’d love to hear what you think of Spaces, so sign up and share your thoughts below! 
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Re: Ge I don't understand how this happened I knew am scared I just dont started with Dropbox Spaces

Donald E M
Explorer | Level 4
I think we could do more to help people like me my project I like to do with help mental illness with disabilities who have had accidents with posttraumatic stress disorder That's hard to understand projects and stuff like that so whatever it takes I want to work with right now trying to find a laptop that will help me if we could find a computer that can interact with people with dyslexia that could interact with people with them reading writing and that would be the most awesomest thing to understand innovation understand compliance

Re: Get started with Dropbox Spaces

Explorer | Level 4

I love this new feature! Especially in times, where collaboration is so hard, we need to focus on the virtual options we already have. The pandemic is hard for businesses too, so the easy way of working with Dropbox spaces is amazing for teams that can't work together right now. Love it!

Re: Get started with Dropbox Spaces

Muhamad aman  sulaeman
New member | Level 2

Good jobs


Re: Get started with Dropbox Spaces

Lauren Zuniga
New member | Level 2

This is so cool! We've been using Paper for collaborating on client work and the Paper folders for each client have become known as "Workspaces" so this seems like a natural extension of how we use Paper. Will it help with the lack of integration with DB folder and Paper, by chance? Would love to be a beta user. 

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