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New Dropbox features and tools for distributed teams

New Dropbox features and tools for distributed teams

Community Manager
Earlier this year, a huge number of offices had to shut quite suddenly, and a lot of teams became scattered. At the same time that people were isolated from their coworker, so were their tools. Overnight, teams had to learn new ways to stay connected and productive. 
This dramatic shift forever changed the way we work. But it also opened up an opportunity to radically improve our workflows. This year, our experience as a fully distributed team has inspired us to take a leap into the future of work as a Virtual First company. Remote work is now our everyday default mode—and we’ll be applying what we learn to develop products that eliminate the obstacles facing distributed teams. 
Whether it’s down to miscommunication, scattered tools, or just the number of notifications and distractions we can all encounte, there is a lot of time being lost across teams. Dropbox Business wants to help solve those problems. Today, we’re introducing simple, secure solutions so your team can organize projects, stay in sync, connect all your tools, and keep your company’s data secure.

Introducing new features to help teams stay organized, collaborate, and keep work moving securely, no matter where they are.



Dropbox Spaces brings projects and teams together so you can collaborate efficiently from kickoff to delivery. Streamline your work, prioritize your day, and stay connected so you can efficiently get projects out the door with internal teams or external clients, no matter where they are.
Learn more about Spaces and how to create your first Space here
Dropbox SpacesDropbox Spaces


Keep work moving:


We all know how important it has been to keep everything rolling this year, as work continues to evolve for most people, but here are some tools to help with that. 
  • Branded sharing: New enhancements make it even easier for businesses to establish their brands, and for admins to enable team individuals to customize their branding (now available to Business Advanced and above)
  • Traffic and insights: Helps users track engagement when sharing assets (now available to Business Advanced and above)
  • Follow: Helps users stay informed about activity on their most important shared folders (now available to all users)
  • Computer backup: Allows teams to automatically back up their local Desktop, Documents, and Downloads folders to Dropbox, securely access them on the go, and easily retrieve the content even if their hardware fails or is lost (now available to all Business plans)
  • Dropbox Passwords Beta: Allows team members to store passwords in one secure place, sync across devices, and access from anywhere (now available to Dropbox Business teams on certain Dropbox Business plans with early access to the feature)
  • App Center: 30+ new apps added to the Dropbox App Center to help teams discover and connect to more than 70 best-of-breed tools from Dropbox partners (now available in beta for select Business Standard and Advanced users)
Starting today, all HelloSign users will also have access to a reimagined experience that guides them step-by-step through the process of uploading, preparing, and sending a document out for signature. This improvement makes it even easier for distributed teams to keep their most critical business agreements moving with eSignatures.

Stay secure: 


Dropbox also announced several new security features to help businesses maintain employee privacy and security while managing complex distributed teams. These include:
  • Alerts and notifications provide admins with real-time detections of suspicious behavior, risky activity, and potential data leaks
  • Data classification gives admins the ability to label personal and sensitive data in order to take better precautions around protecting personal information 
  • External sharing reports provide admins with insight into how data is shared outside of the company—including who is sharing, when they are sharing it, and what types of files are shared
  • Data retention has been added to Dropbox data governance features to enable users to prevent accidental deletion of content that is required by regulations to be held by a certain period of time (now available to all Dropbox Business teams as an additional purchase)
Interested admins can sign up for these security features in beta now. 
In addition, Dropbox announced compliance with several new privacy and security standards including ISO 27701 Certification, Cloud Security Alliance GDPR Code of Conduct, NIST 800-171 Compliance, and support for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance. These new certifications ensure Dropbox meets the most stringent enterprise security standards.
As businesses around the world adapt to a distributed environment, Dropbox is at the forefront of developing the technology to support them. Dropbox provides a single organized place for teams’ content and all the collaboration around it. More details on Dropbox Spaces can be found here, and other new features for distributed teams here
We would love to know how your team will make the most of these features, and how you stay organized, collaborate, and keep work moving securely, so join the conversation below!
Don’t forget, if you have an idea for Dropbox Business, you can share it here
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