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What’s New: HelloSign integration

What’s New: HelloSign integration

Community Manager
We’re big fans of anything that makes work more efficient, intuitive, and lets you get down to work faster. So, we’re delighted to say that you can now easily send, securely sign, and safely store your most important agreements in one seamless workflow, without leaving Dropbox, with HelloSign. 
Getting the document to the right people
Once you’re happy with your document, add the email addresses of the people who needs to sign it, without leaving Dropbox. No need to attach any forms, no new emails to create, it’s as simple as adding their email address. Need to share with multiple signers? No problem, you can even pick the order that they sign in! 
Easily prep your document
Place fields to specify the sections that need to be signed, dated and more. It couldn’t be easier to select the section that needs to be signed, whether it’s initials or a full signature needed, just drag and drop the right fields in to the document. 


Automatically organize and store signed documents
Choose your Dropbox folder for your signed document to be automatically saved and safely stored. Whether it’s internal, or for a client, you can be sure the document will be saved in the right place, before you ever share it. 


I know we said document a lot, but it’s worth documenting something this helpful. All jokes aside, we hope that these features are real time savers, and they reduce confusion for you, and your clients. 
This is available to all Dropbox users, starting off with 3 document requests a month. You can upgrade your HelloSign plan easily, to get more requests too!  
What do you think of these new features? 
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Re: What’s New: HelloSign integration

Collaborator | Level 10

Hi Amy


I use HelloSign as well as SmallPDF, Nitro and airSlate PDF Filler. I am excited with the seamless integration of HelloSign into Dropbox. eSignatures are not accepted everywhere (yet) although I used HelloSign to sign some complex financial documentation that was accepted by the financial institution :-D.


People, and companies, need to learn to print less, save trees, and use eSignature solutions like HelloSign. It is just so much easier.


Oh, and much cheaper than the competitors (like Adobe).





Re: What’s New: HelloSign integration

New member | Level 2

I love the ease of using HelloSign to request e signatures, but I'm not able to find out if they've been signed.  I designated the file to be sent to a "Completed" location, but when I go into that folder, it indicates they're all still "in process" even though it also indicates

"contract complete" in the description line.  However, no signatures show up???  Please help!  Thank you.



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