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What’s new: December

What’s new: December

Community Manager
We love to keep you up to date with the latest feature releases to Dropbox and this month we have a few small but mighty changes coming your way. 
New invitation settings:
Previously, only admins could add members to a team but with these new settings, the admin can delegate their work and empower other members to invite the people they work with. So if your admin isn’t available, you can keep your team rolling! Learn more here.
Vault is now available to users on the Dropbox Plus, Professional, and Family plans.
You might have heard about Vault already,  and now it’s available on more Dropbox plans. Keep your most important files safe and well organized, with a PIN for secure access. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can designate trusted people to access your files in an emergency. Learn even more about it here
New grid icon:
The app launcher is a launching point for Dropbox products and third party integrations. You can find it in the right hand corner of, it looks like a little grid. 
Now you can move between your apps a lot easier and access products and features from any screen. 
Grid iconGrid icon
Configure your team’s desktop app preferences with GPO:
This one is for admins of Dropbox Business teams. You can now configure your team members’ Dropbox desktop app preferences remotely using GPO (Group Policy Object). You can configure preferences for individual team members, groups of team members, or whole teams - read more about it here
Import and Invite contacts from Google Directory
As an admin, you will now be able to import and invite contacts from Google Directory into your team. This will make it much easier to invite company contacts, and cut out any messing around with email addresses or typos. 
We’d love to hear what you think of these updates, so join the conversation below and if you want to add your own ideas for Dropbox, you can do that right here.
It’s been a busy year and we’re looking forward to sharing all our new features in 2021!
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