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$99 Charge on account

Level 2

Re Ticket #8522819: DB:

I have Basic Dropbox.  A fee of $99 was applied to my CC over the weekend.  We are trying to determine if this charge was fraud in the name of your company or an unexpected charge issued by Dropbox. Although I have submitted a ticket today,  according to your site, Basic user level reply is generally 72 hours.  As this is a credit card issue, we would appreciate speaking with a Dropbox representative as our bank advises filing a dispute if we are unable to reach Dropbox today. 

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Re: $99 Charge on account

Level 7

Hi KJL1,  I think you might get better/faster help if you ask the same question in a different area.  Currently this question is in the Business section and it might get better help in the "Manage Accounts" area instead.  Other than that 99.00 would indicate that the account had changed to "Personal Plus", if so that would be you have a Teribite of Data storage... have you checked that yet? Have you looked in your settings to see what plan you are on?

you could go to this spolt and chat or email for more assistance:



Re: $99 Charge on account

Level 2

Thank you.  I did check the settings and it shows we are on the Dropbox Basic plan. A rep from Dropbox has emailed us which is encouraging.  A business that can charge a credit card but cannot be contacted by phone when there is a question re a charge seems highly unusual.  I appreciate your suggestion. 


Re: $99 Charge on account

Hey @KJL1, it would be worth noting that phone support is currently offered to our Advanced & Enterprise Business admins through their admin console, though you could review your support options here if you’ve subscribed on a different plan. 
As you’re already discussing that through our Official Support channel with a colleague, I’d suggest including all the relevant details on that correspondence, as they can access your account specifics directly on our tools. I’ve made sure to make a note of your comments here & I’ve also increased your support priority internally, in order to expedite matters for you a bit. 
I do really hope that this gets resolved soon for you & I’m also here in case I can be of assistance in any way. Thanks again for getting in touch on the Forum!


Community Moderator @ Dropbox


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$99 Charge on account
3 Replies
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