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Can I have separate personal and professional DB accounts with the same email ?


I have a personnal DB account with a few hundreds Go of data, and a professionnal team that I work with is using a Professional account. I gave them my personnal address to join the account (same addresse than my personnal DB account). When I click on the invitation, it either offer me to merge (which I don't want) or to transfert my personnal account to another address email (create a new personnal account).

Is there a way to keep the 2 accounts separated, and linked to the same email address ? Or should I give another address to my team ? 

Thanks !

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Re: Can I have separate personal and professional DB accounts with the same email ?

Each Dropbox account requires a unique email address. You do not want to merge your account into the team unless you wish to transfer ownership of the account to the business. The best course of action is to either change the email address on your personal account so you can use that email to join the team (with the current invitation), or create a new email to use with the team (which will require a new invite).

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