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Help, features canceled when changing card on file.

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Hello, I am a long-time customer (since 2010). I’ve referred at least 100 people to dropbox since then. I use it at home and at work and on multiple devices. I started with a pro account that was only 50 GB for $99 and progressively upgraded to a larger amount of storage in time, and unlimited version history since 2013. Eventually, this was upgraded to 1 TB + packrat (unlimited version history) in 2014. To my knowledge, I had not made any changes since August 2014. My cost has been $138/yr

I contacted support today via text (I would have preferred to use the phone because I wanted to change the payment method on my account, but that is not an option unless you have a business plan). I put a new card on file through the website prior to calling. I asked the representative to switch to that card. Instead, she canceled my plan, which moved me to the free account. This was NOT something I had asked her to do. I just wanted to switch the payment method (to the new card on file) and then refund the pending charge (which was going to charge a closed account).

Anyway, she notified me that she had done this "downgrade," which I did not want to do, and that I would need to upgrade again. However, what she didn't say was that she eliminated my older plan, which had grandfathered backup features that are no longer offered. 

I looked at the billing page and the upgrade page and the cost for the upgrade was a different price than what I was paying. This was whent I learned that my plan had been changed in 2015 from “unlimited” version history to “Extended” Version History (which is one year only). Further, Extended Version History is a plan that was no longer available.

In a nutshell, without my authorization, she downgraded my plan and eliminated Extended Version History and I would not be able to reorder it with the subsequent upgrade she suggested.

I read a bit more about Unlimited Version History and upgrading at the following support page:, which was how I learned that users with the older features enabled were grandfathered in and able to keep them.

It is unclear to me why the changes to my account were made in 2015 and I have been operating as if Unlimited Version History was still in place. And I just lost Extended today??

Have others had experiences like this?

Is there really no recourse?

Et tu Dropbox?

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Re: Help, features canceled when changing card on file.


Hello @jp11 ,

I am Zed, a Dropbox Community specialist here at Dropbox. Starting off, thank you for taking the time to explain in detail what happened during your interaction with our support.

I am looking into your case as we speak and from what I can see you already have a ticket opened with us. To ensure your privacy, I am unable to discuss your account's information and updates publicly but I assure you that further updates on your case will follow on that same ticket email chain.

I'd like to apologize for any confusion and distress this has caused you and your case is currently being handled and you will have an update very soon.

Me and the rest of my team are here if you need anything else!

Thank you.

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Help, features canceled when changing card on file.
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