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How can I go about linking my new Dropbox account to my desktop?

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Hi I have a drop box account which has been closed but still accessing the files on my computer. I have opened up a second account and also want to access this folder from my computer rather than online but it does not seem to be able to happen. Can anyone give me steps to achieve this outcome thanks

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Re: two drop box accounts

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Hello @elena4, In order to sync your Dropbox data locally in your computer, first you need to install the desktop app in your computer. I am not sure if you have already installed the desktop app. You can check that in your program files. Also, check if the Dropbox is already running. You will see a Dropbox icon in the Windows taskbar tray area or MacOS menubar. If it is already there, click the icon > Click the gear icon > choose preferences. 


Then go to Accounts tab. I assume your previous account is connected. In that case Unlink This Dropbox... Once unlinked, Dropbox will promp you to login again. But before you login with your new account email and password, please rename the old Dropbox folder to something other than Dropbox (say, Dropbox_old). The default location for Dropbox is C:\Users\YourUser\Dropbox in Windows and /Users/USERNAME/Dropbox in MacOS. Then you login with your new account, and your new account data should sync to your computer. There will be a new Dropbox folder in the default location. 


Re: two drop box accounts

I started syncing the new dropbox account before I renamed the old dropbox account folder. I was able to stop it right away when I noticed the old dropbox accound folders disappeared on my side screen. I was able to find the old folders on the Local Disk "D" drive on my PC and I renamed it from "Dropbox" to "Old Dropbox" but I am afraid to continue syncing the new account and lose my old files. It still shows the Dropbox icon next to folder even though I renamed it.

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How can I go about linking my new Dropbox account to my desktop?
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