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I get a prompt when I try to offline my video that it's too large?

Level 2

I’ve uploaded a 10.2 gig video file to my Dropbox Plus account on my iPAD Pro, which has the latest software updates. No problem there, and playback is fine.  However, when I select “make available offline” I receive a prompt that says “file too large to make available offline”. I’m stymied because I have lots of space available on my plus account with Dropbox and a huge amount of free space available on my iPad Pro.  I just did this procedure with a 9.6 gig video file (part 1 of two video segments) and that downloaded to make available offline with no issues on this same iPAD Pro. Is this just a setting problem?  Can anyone help?

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Re: iOS offline file limit size

Super User II

I believe the limit for a single file is 10GB. There are no settings available to change that. The limit for a folder is 100GB or containing 10,000 files.

Try putting your 10.2GB file into a folder and then mark the folder as available offline. You might still have a problem with any signle file over 10GB, but it's worth a try.


Re: iOS offline file limit size

Level 2
Awesome, thank you. Glad for the sanity check. I’ll try the file in a folder approach, hope that might work, but if not, maybe I can trim the file open and close, which has some dead space, to see if that brings it under the 10gig limit. This was most helpful, thank you. Status followup. Placing the 10 plus gig file in a folder, then clicking to make available offline, WORKED. Thanks again.
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I get a prompt when I try to offline my video that it's too large?
2 Replies
Solved! : See solution
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