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Ignore folder (without selective sync)

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Betreff: Ignore folder (without selective sync)

Still hoping for this feature to come. Though those "filename.dat~" files being uploaded are not technically a problem, they are still a nuisance, some software insists on putting temporary files in the same directory or a subdirectory of the location of the user document, so pattern-based exclusions (e.g. all folders named ".cache" or all files matching "*~") would be quite useful still.

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Re: Ignore folder (without selective sync)

Absolutely flabbergasted that such a highly requested - and logically useful - feature would be outright declined. Another Dropbox Plus user who is going to be reevaluating options... Ridiculous.


For others who have asked, Sync has the ability to use an .ignore file similar to .gitignore style and storage/pricing is similar. 👋🏻

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Re: Ignore folder (without selective sync)

Thanks for the tip on Sync's ignore file @Travis W.13

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Re: Ignore folder (without selective sync)

"Status changed to: Declined"




It took four years for you to decline the most frequently requested feature on Dropbox? If has this feature, I'm switching later this week.


So long you awful, awful company.

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Re: Ignore folder (without selective sync)

Status Declined?!?


So angry right now

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Re: Ignore folder (without selective sync)

filesanywhere has had this cool feature for YEARS,  

my company used to use their service


this would cut my sync, indexing time in HALF, from 45 minutes to maybe 20 minutes,

so sad Dropbox is not capable of adding this,  

they should look into hiring some real coders, developers

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