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Number of drop boxes on one computer

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Number of drop boxes on one computer

i've had drop box on my macbook air for some time, but never took advantage of it.  now, i need drop box for upcoming projects. since i've not used it for some time, i'm confused about the three email accounts that appear in my profile.  i only need one account right now.


so, help me know how to delete two of the accounts and keep one.

by the way, i have two gmail addresses, but prefer to use my .mac address. thanks

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Re: Number of drop boxes on one computer

Not sure what profile you're referring to, but you can only have one email address per Dropbox account (and one Dropbox account per email). If you have more than one account and wish to delete the ones you're not using, you can easily do so. Just make sure you're logged in to the account that you wish to delete before deleting it.



If you don't remember the password for a specific account, you'll need to reset the password.