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Where can I see my linked IP addresses?

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Where so I see which PC's are linked to my dropbox account. I am looking for the IP address to a stolen laptop

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Re: Linked IP Adresses


Hey there @G-PAYAdmin - I'm sorry to hear that your laptop has been stolen. Here's my best advice at this point:  

Since you're interested in tracking your device, note that Dropbox logs your device’s last known IP address (the IP address can be used to discover the login location and the internet provider used). This information is accessible from the Dropbox website at:

Roll your mouse over the "i" icon and you can see the last IP address that was recorded. This information will appear whenever a linked device logs in to the internet with Dropbox running.

Moreover, you can also unlink a stolen device from your account by clicking the “X” by it. This will turn off syncing to and from that device and prevent unauthorized changes to your Dropbox account.

IF you are on Dropbox Business then, before you unlink this device, we recommend that you use our Remote Wipe feature to delete the Dropbox folder from the device. This feature is only available while a device is linked, and cannot be done once your device is unlinked. 

Once you unlink a device and select the Remote Wipe option, the device will immediately stop syncing. Dropbox will attempt to delete the entire Dropbox folder whenever the device comes online and the Dropbox application is running.

Remote wipe always applies when you unlink mobile devices and is optional when you unlink computers. You can learn more here:

Finally, in any case, you should change your password from the account settings:

[I'd recommend strong passwords that are not used for any other website or service]

Just note that changing your password does not log you out of any active Dropbox sessions, so your device should still be attempting to contact the Dropbox servers, which keeps it trackable.

I hope this helps and that you recover your device! 


Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Where can I see my linked IP addresses?
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