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How Abdelhamid uses a transparent structure to organize valuable design files

Meet Abdelhamid, a Graphic Designer who uses a transparent structure to organize design files with his team. This is Abdelhamid’s story. 
What brought me to Dropbox
We had two major problems, the first of course was sharing big files among the team. The other, which compelled us to use Dropbox, was the fear of losing valuable files.
While there were other options to send large files, keeping them organized and dated was not easy, especially for the not so organized people on the team. Also, the possibility of losing the design files due to a hard drive failure or something else could mean a complete shutdown of the business.
How I use Dropbox
With Dropbox things are way easier. We simply save a file and the team can access it safely. Also, the possibility to restore deleted files and old file versions brings invaluable peace of mind. 
The process we apply using Dropbox is completely transparent. We simply link our folders to the Dropbox folder and that's it! Everything is in Dropbox, from backing up important files to sharing the latest iteration of the design.
We used to fear the loss of essential design files that we used to print artwork. Before using Dropbox, losing a hard drive meant losing years of work and could mean a catastrophe. We simply sleep better with our files in Dropbox!
Tips for the community
  • Your life will become easier if you organize your folders and save locations properly when you first setup Dropbox and related programs. 
Missing files and folders

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