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I can't find my files after upgrading to Dropbox Business

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HELP!!!! I have just upgraded to a Dropbox Business account but I think as I used the same email address as my personal account it has made almost all my dropbox files disappear!!!!!!!! I keep all my files on Dropbox & do not know how to recover them. I have tried changing my email address for the business account to hopefully free up my personal account again but to no avail!!!! HELP!!!!!!!


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Re: I can't find my files after upgrading to Dropbox Business

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I'm in the same boat...  Just upgraded to business and now certain files are gone.  The files that are missing from the Dropbox are shared files that were shared from my personal account to another account.  When I upgraded my personal account to a business account, these files were gone.  Some of the folders are there, some are missing.  Some folders have files in them, some don't.  

We lost months of files...  they are not in the deleted files section.  Hoping we can get this resolved with support soon.


Re: I can't find my files after upgrading to Dropbox Business


Hey there (@innatehome) & (@ZTActive), apologies for the tardy reply on our end; I’d like to touch base with you here on any progress made on this issue. I’m wondering if you’ve been able to resolve your concern in regards to your missing content. Please do let me know & we’ll take it from there. Thanks! 


Community Moderator @ Dropbox


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I can't find my files after upgrading to Dropbox Business
2 Replies
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