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Many Photos Missing

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Many Photos Missing

I need your help, and I'm not the most technical person so please be patient with me.  It is much easier for me to talk about things like this with a live person over the phone, but apparently this is my only option.  So I hope you will bear with me.


I am missing LOTS and LOTS of photos.  They are impossible to replace or replicate.  They are my creative work.  All of them were photos that were emailed to me through Dropbox from another Dropbox user.  I cannot reach this individual because it is the middle of the night, so I don't know if there was an issue with that other account.  What I can tell you is that 5 batches of pictures sent to me by this user - a good friend of mine who I trust 100% - have either been completely or almos completely wiped out.  I have tried in vain to find these photos in the Undated section of my timeline and on my Events page.  They seem to no longer exist, though I can confirm that my Deleted folder is empty.  The ONLY pictures that have been impacted were the ones sent through the email system, all from the same user.  I have MANY other files on Dropbox, all of which remain intact.


Please tell me what else I can do, or what you can do to help me.  Thank you!

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Re: Many Photos Missing

Hi lithium21


Sorry to hear about the missing files that were something you had worked upon. Because you have mentioned that you could not locate them on your "Events" tab, a member of the support team will have to look into your account and try to locate them and troubleshoot according to the case. Can you please log a ticket to support here: and let me know the ticket ID once you have done so? 





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Re: Many Photos Missing

Hi Jane, thank you so much for the quick response!  I just created a ticket and the number is 5375657.


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