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Protect Pictures from deletion

I need to uninstall Dropbox from MacBook Pro. Then send pix to trash and empty trash. Taking up too much space. I’m afraid to permanently lose my pics/videos from my main account on Dropbox... What if it all syncs and all deletes? Please advise.
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Re: Protect Pictures from deletion

Hey there Jeff - how are you today?

When you want to make permanent changes to your computer that do not sync back to the website you need to unlink the computer first.  Follow these steps to unlink a computer:

 1) Right-click the Dropbox icon in the system tray, or menu bar, by the clock
2) Click on the gear icon in the Notifications panel and select 'Preferences' > 'Account'
3) Click the 'Unlink' button
4) Afterward, Dropbox will prompt you to re-register. Quit!

You can now safely move or delete files in the Dropbox folder and not affect anything else.

As you'll see, the Dropbox folder itself is still there and if you choose to relink to a different Dropbox account, the application will detect that another Dropbox folder already exists on the computer, and will give you two options: 'Choose Another Location' or 'Install'.

If you want your new Dropbox folder to be in a location different than your existing folder, click on 'Choose Another Location'.

If you want your new Dropbox folder to be in the same location as your existing one, click on 'Install'. This will rename the existing Dropbox folder to 'Dropbox (Old)' and will create a new Dropbox folder for the account you’re currently linking.

I hope this information helps @Jeff123 - please let me know how it goes!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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