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Why does the dropbox UX hate folders?

Folders are a useful way to organize files **newsflash**

The original success of Dropbox was that it worked well with folder organization on your desktop.


But now it seems like Dropbox is following Google Drive and iCloud down the rabbit hole.

If you don't have a full folder structure synced on your desktop, folders are now completely broken in Dropbox.


- Navigating to the folder where a file lives when you are viewing a file by clicking it from your recently used files on the web (not possible..)

- Downloading a folder full of files when you are viewing the files in that folder.. (you have to navigate back a level and click the ... menu on the folder.



- If you 'add a folder to your dropbox' it doesn't maintain its original nesting relative to whatever folders it was in when added to dropbox.. so there is no sense of a canonical folder structure any more.

All this makes dealing with multiple files a nuisance.


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Re: Why does the dropbox UX hate folders?

Hi Rowan, we appreciate your feedback on our folder structure.
Regarding your queries, in the recently viewed files from the homepage, you can easily visit the folder the file resides in by clicking the folder name here:
Recent File.png
Secondly, you can only download an entire folder while you’re not actively viewing what’s inside the folder, you’ll need to navigate to the folder above to do so.
Last, are you referring to adding or moving a folder on your computer to the Dropbox folder using your file explorer, or by uploading it to the Dropbox site?
If the former, are you looking for the entire filepath to be duplicated on the site, such as C:\Users\JohnSmith\Desktop\MyFolder, and for the site to create the c, users, johnsmith, desktop and finally the myfolder folders all nested? If not, please could you clarify this further?
Thanks in advance!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Why does the dropbox UX hate folders?
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