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300,000 files & comments affected

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Dropbox Community please help!

I have more than 500,000 files in my account. After Dropbox rolled out back to back new commenting features a few months ago, more than 300,000 of those files are now affected and every single comment lost! I never had a single problem like this in more than 5 years with comments, until the two new updates.

All files that are not videos are missing their comments and meta data. It seems they have been over written, or re-synced somehow, even though I did not do this. Each file is basically a copy of the original, with the original being replaced and no information stored in the copy.

This means that the data in the photos I took that had their important meta data stored in them (location, lens, camera, etc) have now disappeared from my files. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of comments on files and photos that was stored in my Dropbox files.

I have tried restoring an older version but many of them do not even show an older version, so that means Dropbox's new updates must have re-synced these and messed them up. I have never not been able to restore an older version until now...


I have tried clearing cache, uninstalling app, etc, but nothing seems to work. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I reported this problem to Dropbox more than 3 weeks ago, however they are not giving this case any priority and still haven't found a solution. This case should be a TOP prioty when we trust DB with that amount of files and information. There is no excuse for the system to overrite my files, and if so, the system should detect this immediately and correct it....or contact me to help find a solution immediately. But it went unnoticed for about a month until I reported it, and now it's been 3 weeks.


Come on Dropbox, you really messed up here! Now make this right asap please! You have brought my business to a standstill and cost us a large amount of money now without being able to access our files. And we are still not any closer to finding the solution. Why isn't the expert tech team working on this immediately?




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Re: 300,000 files & comments affected

Hey @Tim19, I understand that this has been distressing to you; sorry to hear about the frustration this discrepancy has caused you. 
Following you post here, I can see that you’ve already submitted a ticket via our Official Support channel & you’ve been discussing your concerns with our specialized technician there. While I’ve made sure to include a copy of your comments on your ongoing correspondence Tim, it would be worth noting that it would be best for you to refer to this email chain for the latest news, since our specialized technicians have got more advanced tools at their disposal. 
I hope that this gets resolved soon for you & I’m always here in case there’s anything else I can do to help you. Thanks for your patience while our team has been investigating! 


Community Moderator @ Dropbox


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300,000 files & comments affected
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