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Synchronization stopped, when it resumed, it changed the file to the last online file.

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I am writing a longer document in the dropbox with latex. At some point apparently the sync of the dropbox stopped (at least according to version history), but i kept writing and updating this file. When the synch started again the next day, it changed the local file back to what it was the last time, it synched.

So with other words, I lost a lot of local data due to the sync mechanism having a glitch. Are the files that are changed or deleted stored somewhere locally in the linux version?

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Re: Synchronization stopped, when it resumed, it changed the file to the last online file.


Hey there @heavy_photon  - sorry to hear about this. 

Could you try locating and restoring the file using the steps described in the following Help Center article?

If you still can't find or open a lost file, you may be able to recover it from your Dropbox cache in an emergency.

Note that Dropbox keeps a hidden collection, or cache, of your files as backup storage. Files in the cache folder are stored there often after they are moved or deleted after syncing. If you can't find your file using all other practical methods, you can try to recover the file from Dropbox cache as a last resort. The Dropbox cache will keep your files for up to three days after they have been moved or deleted.

The Dropbox cache folder is hidden in your Dropbox application settings. To rescue a file from your Dropbox cache, follow these instructions (for Linux):

  1. Open a new Terminal window.
  2. Copy and paste the following command to move to the Dropbox cache directory:

cd ~/Dropbox/.dropbox.cache

     3. List the contents of the cache directory (ls -l) to find your lost file.

     4. Recover your lost file by moving (mv) the desired file somewhere safe.

If the file isn't in the Dropbox cache folder and doesn't show up as a deleted file on, then it's most likely lost and not recoverable. Please note that Dropbox will never move or delete a file on its own. In most cases, lost files are simply misplaced or mistakenly removed by other users with access to a computer's Dropbox.

In any case, please keep me posted on your progress!


Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Re: Synchronization stopped, when it resumed, it changed the file to the last online file.

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Hi Walter,

thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, there are only very recent files in the local dropbox cache. I am too late to recover the file.

Recovering data with the file history and deleted files online also isn't possible, as the files in question apparently never got uploaded.

Looks like it was a mistake to trust dropbox with sensitive data. From now on there will be another manual copy.


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Synchronization stopped, when it resumed, it changed the file to the last online file.
2 Replies
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