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Accessing files without WiFi or data

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Later today we'll be chatting on Twitter about how to access files on your mobile without WiFi or data.

You can mark a file as 'available offline' using your Dropbox app, and here's how:

  • Open the Dropbox app and find the file you'd like to save offline.
  • Tap the elipsis (or 3 dots ...) next to the file name, and tap 'Make available offline'. If you're using Windows Mobile, press and hold the file name to see the available options.

This feature is handy if you're going abroad and want to avoid roaming charges, or if you are going somewhere that you know won't have WiFi.

Read more here on our help center, and post below if you have any additional questions or comments!

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Re: Accessing files without WiFi or data

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Very helpful! I often work on the road and took the habit of disabling Dropbox altogether to avoid data fees, but this is a much cleaner and useful option.


Thanks Sheena.


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Accessing files without WiFi or data
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