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Dropbox app for Android causing high battery usage

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Dropbox app for Android causing high battery usage

Hi there, I’m Antonio, a member of the Dropbox Mobile team. We’ve discovered an incompatibility issue between Dropbox’s app and Android OS that led to higher-than-normal battery usage on Android phones.
We’ve fixed the issue, and the app should return to normal functionality after restarting it. 
To restart the app:
  • On your device, open the Settings app and select Application Manager
  • Switch to the Running tab to view your active apps
  • Tap the Dropbox app and select Stop
  • Re-launch the Dropbox app from your home screen
If you’ve restarted the app and are still seeing higher-than-normal battery usage, please reply to this thread, and we’ll take a look.
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Accepted Solutions

Betreff: Dropbox app for Android causing high battery usage

Hi Alan, the main release of v76 will be rolled out 100% on this Wed. v78 will follow 2 weeks after that.

Rif.: Dropbox app for Android causing high battery usage

We’re glad to hear about this. We’d recommend that if any users still experience battery issues to contact our team directly so we can investigate this matter on an individual basis.

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Andrioid app battery drain

Over the last couple of months on the Android phone app I have noticed excessive battery usage by the DropBox App even when there is no upload or download activity.


Can this be fixed asap?

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Re: Andrioid app battery drain

We need way more info here - like Android OS version and Dropbox version as a minimum.


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Re: Andrioid app battery drain

Do you upload a lot of files to Dropbox from other devices? Do you have any folders syncing to your mobile? But again your system information (Mobile Phone Model, OS information and Dropbox information) is important for us to help you.

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Re: Andrioid app battery drain

Hi, sorry yes that would help:

Android 5.0

Dropbox 50.2.2


As I say no active uploading or downloading.  The majority of time the phone is Wi-Fi connected, I cannot tell if the drain is happening while specifically Wi-Fi or mobile data connected.

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Re: Andrioid app battery drain

In addition the the info I just provided, phone is Galaxy Note 3.


I do have a number of folders, probably less than 100.  A few thousand files probably.


Again it uses a lot of battery even when I make no changes to files or folders.


Can I upload a screenshot of power management?  I can only seem to link to an image with the insert/edit image button.



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Re: Andrioid app battery drain

Yes, you can upload the screenshot so we can see the results.

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Re: Andrioid app battery drain

How do i upload a file?

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Re: Andrioid app battery drain

I got the same problem since last update. No uploads/downloads from app.
Samsung Galaxy S5mini (SM-G800F), Android 6.0.1, Dropbox Version 50.2.2 from 30.5.17
I have to deactivate it, because if it's activated, it drains my battery empty in just 8 hours. (Without any other activity)
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Re: Andrioid app battery drain

On the Reply click as below and upload the image:


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