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files not uploading from dropbox android

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Hello Ive noticed in the last month that any files are no longer uploading from my Sampsung S7 to dropbox.
I used to record videos and upload them from my wifi they were normally 40-80 mb in size. But now they dont up load infact no files upload ! Even text documents. Ive even left it uploading for 24 hours with no progress on the bar.
I have a 1 TB dropbox and only using 40% atm. I have to connect my phone to a computer and upload from it to dropbox.

I have no issues downloading from dropbox only uploads.

So TLDR files of Any size no longer upload via wifi or mobile.
With out the mobile upload feature dropbox is usless to me.
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Re: files not uploading from dropbox android

Hey George (@george k.30), let’s look into that together; happy Monday! 
Just so as to ensure that I’m following-up on the right thing, I’d appreciate it if you could answer these questions below to give me some context on what’s happening:
  • For starters, can you let me know whether you’ve updated your android phone to the latest OS version? Also, are you running the latest version of our app (130.2)? 
  • Following, can you please clarify if you’re uploading your photos manually, using the (+) button, or you’ve enabled the Camera Uploads feature? 
  • I’d appreciate a screenshot (omitting personal info) of what you’re seeing (or just in case you’re getting any error messages) in your next message here, so as to get a better idea of the issue at hand.
I'm wondering if you've un-installed & re-installed our mobile app & see if that does the trick for you this time. Kindly note that if you're facing an issue uploading regardless of the network & the filesize (i.e. that's what I gather based on your initial description- please correct me if I'm wrong), then we'd need to move this discussion to email, as I'd need to have a closer look on your setup on my tools. 
Thanks in advance for taking a bit of your time to gather this info for me & I’ll be awaiting your next reply on this discussion, in order to check back the possible causes in a a bit more depth! 


Community Moderator @ Dropbox


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files not uploading from dropbox android
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