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Add collapse/expand nested lists in Dropbox Paper documents

11 Votes
Level 6

Dropbox Paper allow to create nested lists in Paper documents, but when we create long nested tree - it's hard to navigate between it.


Will be good to have feature for collapse and expand nested elements of lists in Dropbox Paper editor. Good example of collapse/expand interface you can see in Diigo Outliners:


Hello there @Murz - I hope this finds you well!

I am writing to thank you for this feedback! We are always looking for ways to improve Paper, so I’ll make sure your comments about collapsing and expanding nested items within lists are passed along to our development team.

If there's anything else I can do, please let me know. Thanks!

mandydanger Level 2
Level 2

I'd like to echo the request for nested collapsable lists. does it perfectly. 

ftrsprvln Level 2
Level 2


If we had collapsible lists, I'd remove Workflowy from my scheduling/management workflow; I could handle everything inside of Paper. I use to use Notion before Workflowy, but it's too cluttered and complex. Workflowy is too sparse (no inline text formatting, no links between lists). Paper is that happy medium, just need collapsible lists.

Please consider!

Level 5


nemtsv Level 2
Level 2

collapsible code block would be great!

Dufva Level 2
Level 2

Either implementing expanding/nested lists, to-do boxes and code blocks or going the route and having sub pages would be fantastic.

Level 3

Essential! I use other apps alongside paper because of this omission. I add my support.