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Add due date support for tasks

Helpful | Level 5

Can we have the ability to create tasks with due dates?  You know, that basic thing that all tasks have?  Would also want the ability to sort by this


A standard format like


  • [] <MM/DD/YYYY> <mention> <task text>


Would be super convenient.  Even better if you just put MM/DD in the date area, it defaulted to the current year for you.


(or DD/MM/YYYY for those across the pond)

Current Status: Delivered

jrbeire New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2


fblinden New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

getting an overview of tasks would be very useful

To be sorted by date

To be sorted by still open

To be sorted by person 


Now you can have task distributed throughout the entire document which are impossible to find back/keep track of that way.


Or is there perhaps some code that can be used to create such a summary?


Status changed to: Delivered

Thanks for sharing your idea with us, I'm just updating here to let you know that this is possible within Paper!

You can find out more info on how to do this here📅

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